Welcome to the Starting page

Elements Edit

This wiki has a lot of different elements to it. The main one is creativity (hence this is a creative wiki). Creativity is used in designing your character, making his/her backstory, contributing in weapon making and role playing.

Rules Edit

  1. No swearing. For more on this rule click here.
  2. No cyber bullying. If this happens to you, report it to an admin.
  3. During role playing, please be humble to your team mates.
  4. No posting inappropriate messages or photos. This results in a permanent ban.
  5. If you get a high rank, i.e head counsellor, be friendly to your cabin mates. They want a good leader.

Start Edit

Now you have two choices: you either become a Greek or a Roman. Greek and Roman are virtually the same, they just follow a god's different form (i.e Jupiter is the Roman Zeus).

Click Here To Become A Roman                                                                 Click Here To Become A Greek